An HPV-Lung Cancer Link?

An HPV-Lung Cancer Link?

A new-new study shows a link between Genital Warts and lung carcinoma.

Shnikees. We’ve been hearing that HPV is bad news bears for a while. Not only does the Human Papillomavirus leave unsightly GENITAL WARTS but can cause some serious (re: deadly) health problems, like cervical cancer (or cancer of the lady business, as we call anything to do with the female reproductive zone). And then we heard that the people are getting throat cancer for genital warts and we were like 'whaaa? How is that even possible?' And then a high school health teacher explained it us and we were like, 'Whoa. How is that fair? Oral sex (if performed with enthusiasm and knowhow) is supposed to be the answer to most of life's problems.' This has made HPV very unpopular and it's only going to get worse.

But according to ABCNews it's not the last HPV problem. A study from the University of Louisville links the STD with lung cancer. A Dr. Arash Rezazadeh says, "We think HPV has a role as a co-carcinogen which increases the risk of cancer in a smoking population." The article goes on to say that science thinks there is a link between cervical cancer and smoking too. Good reason to quit. Along with that lady that keeps losing fingertips. And men can evidently get ED from smoking.

So, is Gardasil the answer? It's primary utility is a defense against Type 16 HPV, which is thought to be the one that causes cancer. So, it should be an open and shut reason to get the girls ladies (and boys) on Gardasil, right? Maybe not, this leads to our favorite part of this article: the sub-headline: "Despite Threat of Lung Cancer, Conservatives Still Don't Want Their Kids Vaccinated." Them's fightin' words and it's funny that 'conservative' has become derogatory (we still prefer to call them 'squares'). Sure, a lot of people that don't want to make the HPV vaccine mandatory think that it'll just make youngsters more promiscuous. But some people are a little nervous about giving kids a vaccine that has had few long-term studies and the FDA hardly has a perfect track record. So, in summary, smoking causes cancer and you really can't get HPV if you never ever have sexual contact (including self) and stay clear of any unsavory locales. Cripes, they're taking away all of the fun stuff to do.

Note: The image is not neccessarily of HPV, but let's use our imaginations here.