Roger Clemens & Mindy McCready?

Roger Clemens & Mindy McCready?

Did the Rocket have an improper, extramarital relationship?

Whoa. We're not willing to say one way or the other but the NY Daily News is reporting that Roger Clemens (pitcher formerly of the Yankees, Red Sox, Astros, and Blue Jays) had a 'relationship' with country singer Mindy McCready. This relationship began when The Rocket (as the kids call him) was a 28-year old pitcher for the then-cursed Boston Red Sox. At that point, McCready was 15. Clemens denies that anything untoward happened between them and says that McCready is just a good family friend. Evidently, he met her when she was singing karaoke in Ft. Myers, Florida. Clemens vehemently denies an infidelity.

Clemens problems are pretty well known. He's at the very heart of the baseball steroids fracas (also known as the Mitchell Report). He denies any wrongdoing (a theme may be developing) despite what other people say. The man accusing Clemens of being on the juice, Brian McNamee, is thought to benefit from this revelation in the defamation suit against him. We're sure there's some reasonable explanation and it may just be that everyone's jealous and out to get him.

And Ms. McCready's life has been pretty rocky itself. She's had drug issues, an abusive boyfriend, an engagement to Dean Cain (yes, that Dean Cain), and did some time in the pokey for allegedly hitting her mom. And evidently, Clemens, helped out through some of it with cash, plane trips, et cetera (allegedly). But now she’s got a new album and a documentary and a reality show coming out. So who knows what’s going to come out of this. Though a song entitled, "That night that I injected Roger was the first time he injected me," will certainly clear up some questions. McCready's seems like it would provide some serious firepower for a country career, like way more than Dewey Cox.