J Lo To Get Show

J Lo To Get Show

It looks like we'll be getting a lot more J Lo very soon.

Even if you were broke, my love don’t cost a thing. According to an article that we saw on HuffPo today, Jennifer Lopez is getting a show about motherhood and wifery. And all we can say is… it’s about time. Sure we’re catching her on the downswing of her career but it’s better than nothing.

The New Yorican diva is letting TLC in on her ‘private’ life as she juggles career, wife-ing, the twins and her 2 children. We wonder if her interaction with Marc Anthony is going to be as awkward as the duet they had at the Grammys a few years ago?

We wonder what lessons Jennifer Lopez is going to teach us about being a wife and mom? Lesson 1: When the kids are being too much of a pain, hand them off to the au pair. Lesson 2: When your cadaverous husband won’t take no for an answer, tell him to write a song about it. And then have him translate it to English. Lesson 3: Always be sure to moisturize. Lesson 4: You’re from the Bronx. Don’t take shit from anybody, these people work for you and there are hundreds more dying to take their job as your flosser. Lesson 5: BenAffleck doesn’t exist, Gigli never happened.