A Dating Site For Smarties

A Dating Site For Smarties

The site can only be accessed by the top 15% of smart poeple.

Humph. That's pretty much sums it up for us. Humph. OK, a website on the internet is helping smart people meet. The webpage, IntelligentPeople.com, is out there to help people in the top 15% of smart people meet each other. How do they determine who's in the top 15%? Unfortunately, it's not SAT scores. It's a little thing called Intelligence Quotient. The site doesn't use any old IQ test, the use a customized pattern recognition test that supposedly eliminates cultural bias, unless you're blind.

According to VNUNET, the company’s founder, Trine Jensen, wants this to be a place that intelligent people can meet and exchange ideas, maybe start building a better society. "Nicholas Fehn meet Condaleezza Rice." We love niche dating sites and a place for smart people is a good idea. We wonder if any entrepreneur out there plans on starting a site for not so smart people to meet up. Datin4dumbys.net could really work out. We're pretty sure that it would be very simple yet still confuse many of its clients. Which is understandable, we have no idea what SWF means and we're probably somewhere in the 50th percentile. We just know that the biggest complaint is going to be about Dennis Miller getting 'handsy.'

Maybe someone could make a site dedicated to hooking smart people up with less smart people. You could take the IQ test and based on your score it directs you to one side of the house or the other. All of us in the middle of the curve would get spat out to Match.com.

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We just hope that these Intelligent People know what they’re doing. When the Mensa group on The Simpsons tried to take over Springfield, the dullards cut them down to size. Or made "litter out of the literati," wait that's too clever.