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Owen Wilson Angling For Dad Duty?

Owen Wilson Angling For Dad Duty?

'Insiders' are making all kinds of guesses about the Hudson-Wilson situation.

According to Star Magazine, Owen Wilson is looking to slip one past Kate Hudson's goalie by end of summer. So-called insiders claim that the Wedding Crashers star has all the right moves and is saying the right things. And Kate Hudson wants more kids.

The 'insiders' also say something about Kate making Owen a better man (as if that was possible) but are nervous about the possibility of them going long term because of his need for attention. Uh, are her friends familiar with guys at all? Attention is  basically mandatory for any social guy. We're pretty sure that every overnight college should teach a class to freshman girls called "How To Laugh At His Jokes… Even If They're Ridonkeykong."

And furthermore, to get any dude (even if they're pushing 40) to say out loud that they want to have babies on an abbreviated timetable is nothing short of a miracle. All we know is that this mess is fixin' to get raw like sashimi, so haters to the left.

Hansel's so hot right now.


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