Honey, Can I Borrow Your Tie?

Honey, Can I Borrow Your Tie?

Why we borrow looks from our boyfriends.

The prevalence of blazers, vests and belted dress shirts on the streets and in stores might be more than a passing trend, according to The Wall Street Journal yesterday.

For "The Boyfriend Jacket Comes on Strong", the writer interviewed fashion historians and others in the "sew," to explore the social significance of women sporting menswear.

"For so long, it's been all about the baby-doll look, the infantilizing of women," designer Peter Som said. "But now there's a sense of empowerment that is trickling down to fashion and how women want to be perceived."

Perhaps best exemplified by Diane Keaton's wardrobe as the title character in 1977's Anne Hall (pictured above), asserting gender equality through fashion is nothing new. Whether masculinity's re-emergence reflects the state of the American female mind or is simply a well-received fad remains to be seen.

For many women today, flirty, feminine looks provide the same level of confidence that pantsuits once did. Luckily, dresses are sharing the spotlight this spring with manly duds, so we can channel Annie one day, Holly Golightly the next.


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