Regular Woman May Divorce Gary Coleman

Regular Woman May Divorce Gary Coleman

The diminutive star has some marital trouble, he'll work it out.

Grand opening… Grand closing… And, uh, watchoo talkin' 'bout, Dish? Our buddies at Bossip are reporting that Gary Coleman and wifey Shannon Price are having problems. We predicted back in February that Gary Coleman and Shannon Price were a good match. What the hell went wrong?

The 2 are slated to appear on a forthcoming episode of Divorce Court. Supposedly, they want Judge Toler to drop some wisdom on them. Evidently he liked her because she pretended to not know who he was. But Shannon is getting sick of Gary's legendary temper (bad due diligence on her part, they wouldn’t refer to an ornery fellow as a 'swollen Gary Coleman' if he was even-keeled). And when she wanted to go out he always wanted to stay in with his trains and video games. Uh, just because you pretended not to know him doesn’t mean everyone else out there has that same discipline. And finally she’s upset that he doesn't want children. Listen lady, if you're as little as he is and you have children with a regular gal, that kid could be twice your size in no time. And if that kid has the legendary Colman temper, it could get ugly. And is a dude that prefers video games and model trains to human interaction really ready to be a parent. These are things that could have been discussed previously.

We hope they work it out. Maybe GC could use a little bit of anger management. This lady stole his flower and could be his only shot at ever getting laid again. Is it a coincidence that Gary Coleman and Star Jones may be single at the same time?