TomKat Going Strong, Thankya!

TomKat Going Strong, Thankya!

Katie and Tom are not breaking up, as far as we're concerned.

OK! We’ve all been hearing for a couple weeks that Katie Holmes is moving to NYC to get away from Tom Cruise. We find this to be highly dubious. InTouch reported that the fairy tale was over and gave a rundown of what went wrong. The publicist all deny this (as they usually do), but this time around we sort of believe them. Honestly, does everyone forget that Top Gun won the Cold War? Let’s give him a little slack. And we hear that Cruise is hilarious in Tropic Thunder, so we’ll be expecting some apologies from the media at large.

Does a $100,000 birthday party for Suri sound like a man trying to buy his wife’s affection? And getting his son Connor a job on the new Will Smith movie is just more good parenting. Maybe they are in a bit of a contrived relationship, but their love is real, friends. Outside of the goofiness on Oprah (and with Matt Lauer), what has Maverick done to lose our trust? As soon as Valkyrie comes out, we’ll all be back on Team Cruise. Yay, Scientiatry!