Billy Zane Splits With Some Chick

Billy Zane Splits With Some Chick

The awesome star was dropped by British gal Kelly Brook.

We'll never be the same, our mantra has been, "Listen to your friend, Billy Zane, he's a cool dude," since before we can remember (at least since he was in The Phantom). And now he’s been dumped by some lady we’ve never heard of. Do cool dude’s get dumped by women we’ve never heard of? They probably do, it just seems unorthodox. It turns out that that the English head-turner that dumped Zane is a woman named Kelly Brook. This Kelly Brook also dated Jason Statham (star of dude-tastic films such as: Snatch, The Transporter, and The Transporter 2).

Speculation started during the BAFTA (it's the British Emmys plus the British Oscars, but it’s not like the British Golden Globes, because people actually care about winning) ceremony on Sunday night. According to The Press Association, Ms. Brook (she was in The Italian Job and the Deuce Bigalow sequel) showed up without an engagement ring. It’s a little tough to say that you left it by the sink while you were doing dishes.

Or wait, did he break up with her? Let's just hope she doesn't end up dating Vin Diesel. In the mean time, we still think Billy Zane is a cool dude. Work it out, gang.