Prom, Revisited

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Prom, Revisited
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Dust off your poofy dress and order the corsage: It's time to slow dance.

Seriously. Full-grown adults are getting a second chance to make prom night right in Montreal, where Slow Dance Prom has taken off, according to The Gazette. Hundreds of men and women attended the last event, held on a Friday in mid-March (the flier shown here, left).

Says the piece:
“All the elements were there, from the cheap streamers to the lazy disco ball to schmaltzy ballads spanning five decades. But instead of teenagers, it was 300 decked-out hipsters in Mile End who were embraced in slow circles all night long.”

Event organizer Sherwin Tija sees slow dancing as an alternative to speed dating. "Through the course of a song, it's an infinitely more pleasurable way to get to know someone," he explained.

We’re kind of liking this. It’s so goofy that it works. You can’t really get embarrassed, awkward, or nervous in the presence of a man in a powder-blue tux, right?

Check out Slow Dance Night for more info.