Romo & Jess Simpson Doing Fine, Thanks

Romo & Jess Simpson Doing Fine, Thanks

Pete & Ash may have the headlines but Jess & Tony are doing alright.

It looks like the Jessica Simpson’s plumbing infection has healed and she’s right as rain. We read a rumor that her bladder infection/ UTI/ etc was the result of hanging out with Tony Romo’s hard-drinking buddies. Add boozing-like-a-champ to sex, Chlamydia, and tepid bathwater as causes for UTIs. That’s pretty good reason to take a night or two off, but not really something that earns a lot of respect from the dudes, but drinking enough to get one might have won them over.

That’s neither here nor there, what is important is that People is reporting that these 2 are still rockin’ in the free world. They celebrated Tony Romo's 28th birthday at an exclusive Dallas-area nightclub. There was singing and dancing, lots of romancing. And she licked cake icing off of his face. Hmm, and we’ve been told by many, many people that we were weird for liking that. Note to everyone: you were wrong, we were right. We’re glad that Ashlee Simpson’s pregnancy (if true) and betrothal to Pete Wentz haven’t taken Jessica and Tony out of the 'fun phase.' Once that 'fun phase' goes south, it’s all "where’s my ring?" and "I don’t care about the playoffs, I need you to pick up tampons" and "Not tonight babe, gotta watch game film" and "I’m going to drive this goddamn truck into oncoming traffic if I have to hear another John Mayer song."

HBO should do another training-camp reality show with the Cowboys. They've got the Terrell Owens ever-present near-drama, they’ve got the Tony-Jessica romance, they’ve got Jerry Jones (a prima donna owner), we’re pretty sure that they could bring Deion Sanders back as a coach (and do a crossover with Prime Time Love), and Emmitt Smith/ Cheryl Burke could cameo with dance instructions.

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PS: Is there such thing as identical ear twins? If so, these guys got it going on.