Harry Potter Uses Media To Find A Chick

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Harry Potter Uses Media To Find A Chick

Magic could not conjure up this gal's phone number.

Evidently, even the coolest boy wizard of all time (oxymoron?) is a victim of romantic procrastination. Daniel Radcliffe, the actor who plays Harry Potter, was exchanging eyeballs with a gal last year and failed to meet her before she left. As it were, the girl was Australian (fair enough, the event being in Australia and all) and Sydney's Daily Telegraph is on the case. OMG, indeed.

Is this becoming a trend with Aussie women? Wasn’t the subway stalker romance in NYC with an Australian gal? Are they that mysterious? And since when do celebrities need the papers to handle their dating? We thought they had a guy in their entourage to handle that (or charm or good-looks or fame or mountains of cocaine)? And is this the exact same thing that happened when BenAffleck went after Mango.

We’ve heard that Radcliffe has done it with a girl before, intercoursewise, but this is making us doubt that. Play it cool, bro. She’ll come to you, they always do.