Prince William Lands Chopper In Girlf’s Backyard

Prince William Lands Chopper In Girlf’s Backyard

Prince William has upped the ante for every guy trying to impress a girl.

We just want to make it perfectly clear, 'Prince William Lands Chopper In Girlf's Backyard' is not a euphemism for anything involving anal sex. Though, it should be. Anyway, Prince William (second in line to the British Throne) decided to pull a Maverick to Kate Middleton's Penny Benjamin. But rather than buzzing her house with his F-14, he landed his Chinook (a largish helicopter) in Middleton’s backyard, yep it’s good to (almost) be king. Sure, the Royal Air Force is a little pissed about it per an article on The Daily Mail. Those pencil-pushers are just jealous that they didn't think of it first. Then we read that William used this same Chinook to ferry he and his bro (actual bro, Prince Harry, not like hipsters use it) to a bachelor party on the Isle of Wight. Now we’re getting into the gray area between misappropriation of state-owned property and total awesomeness.

We’re willing to overlook it provided that he promises not to do it too often or blow anything up. Harry’s deployment to Afghanistan was badass, but landing a helo in your lady’s yard is tough romance move to top. Sure, you could, say, get drunk and try to steal a plane (and crash it). We had a friend that took this chick to meet the Dalai Lama on like their third date. The rest of us suckers have to settle for fighting guys way bigger than us, so-so impressions of Owen Wilson, and purchasing wildly over-priced bottles of liquor to get into played-out dance clubs.

Fun Fact: The Chinook is a large twin rotored helicopter used for troop and equipment carrying. And is named after a Native American tribe from the Pacific Northwest.