Time To Pick Most Romantic Hawaiian

Time To Pick Most Romantic Hawaiian

Hawai'i is set to pick their most romantic dude. And you can vote too.

We mentioned this brilliant contest a few months ago, but the people are poised to elect the . The Honolulu Advertiser in conjunction with local TV and radio has sponsored this contest. The four finalists include three older gents (Jicky Ferrer, Andrew Yoza, and Leo Ramirez, aged 51, 60, and 63, respectively) and a 25-year old buck (Chris Deringer). These guys are just lucky that Magnum is ineligible. It would be tough to live up to his standard;he mustache, the chest hair, the Ferrari. Good thing that he’s a fictional character, though Tom Selleck is very real, my friend. The winner gets a trip for 2 (duh) to NYC that includes a luxury hotel stay and Broadway tickets. Click here, if you feel like making an under-educated vote.

The runners up get free passes to the Hawai’i Romance Festival. The headlining acts of the RomFest include Aaron Neville (lucky for him that the concert is in Hawai’i with all that smooth cocoa butter), Gladys Knight, and Smokey Robinson. We never pictured Hawai’i suffering from a lack of romance. They probably want to make sure all of us Barneys know that Hawai’i is way more romantic than the mainland. Should every state have one of these competitions?

Hawai’i Fun Fact: Did you know that Nicole Kidman was actually born in Honolulu?