Video: Bus Guy Gets Engaged

Video: Bus Guy Gets Engaged

Dude asks lady to marry him on the bus they met.

OK. As you may or may not know, we’re suckers for great engagement stories. We practically tinkled ourselves when that nerd reprogrammed his girlf’s favorite game to propose. So, we bumped into an article being pimped by the King County DOT (King is the county that Seattle is in, think Starbucks and Ichiro). Long story short (LSS), this dude (Troy Kleweno) had been eying up this broad (Christie Hsieh) on Route 308 for ages. It got to the point that his buddies were concerned that she might end up in a missing persons report if he didn’t ask her out. Fine, long story long (LSL). He asked her out after 6 months and then 2.5 years later he popped the question on that Route 308 bus.

We know that proposing is pretty stressful and all that. And that doing it in public introduces a wild card, but isn’t proposing in public; A) really a safe play, and B) a little embarrassing to her? Is she really going to stomp on your heart in front of everyone? And if she does, it was totally worth it to see her true colors. And isn’t it sort of an intimate moment? Do you really want to share it with a bunch of people on a bus (or at a ball game, in the case of a jumbotron proposal)? For instance, the guy in the grocery store proposal jumped ship as soon as he wasn’t going to be ripped limb-from-limb by an angry mob. Sorry to be Debbie Downer, check out the video below.

We’re glad that the KC DOT can get some mileage out of this. It could be a new ad campaign, "Ride The King County Bus, because you never know who you might meet." And they could feature Dave Grohl and Bill Gates and, uh, is Seattle totally full of dorks?