No Dresses = Unfeminine?

No Dresses = Unfeminine?

"All those guys want to f-- her. She talks cars and video games -- she's like a dude in a chick's body!" said a friend of mine about a mutual acquaintance.

The female counterpart of the male metrosexual, guys, these women are more likely to steal from your closet. They borrow their style from menswear, often choosing to dress in jeans and t-shirts or sweaters, which are more constant and comfortable. According to an Observer article last month that dubbed these women urbane tomboys, they "seem to revel in sneakered, hoodied androgyny, thereby recasting femininity as something you can take off and put on again."

While we don't know anyone who wouldn't try his chance with Jessica Biel, some definitely prefer skirts and high heels. "I like a girl dressed to impress," says one New York male.

But that begs the question: Why does declining to wear a dress mean a woman is shedding her femininity?

Lo, here, came up with a new tag: comfort queens. We love that and completely agree that "sexiness is more of an attitude than a fashion" and that femininity in itself doesn't necessarily equal sexiness. So whoever wants to argue that Ellen Page wasn't sexy in Juno can take it up over here.

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