Wayne Brady Divorced

Wayne Brady Divorced

The popular entertainer has ended a long separation.

According to Bossip, a site dedicated to black gossip, (it should be Blossip, right?), singer, comedian, actor and all-around entertainer Wayne Brady has completed his divorce. Wayne and now-ex, Mandie, were married in 1999 but have been separated for roughly 2 years. They have a 4-year old daughter named Maile (that can't be right?) They intend to remain friends.

We wonder if he got too famous or if the real Wayne Brady was more similar to the drive-by shooting enthusiast, ho-menacing Wayne Brady from Chappelle’s Show. Or maybe he’s too similar to his tote-collecting, reverse-racist accountant from 30 Rock. Or, Jesus, what if he was both? That would be a nightmare and could really make White America uncomfortable. We’re guessing that they just got bored or argued over money or something, like the rest of us.
In other bits of Bossip, Eddie Murphy has a new lady (though they claim it's a beard). And Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston’s new dude, Ray-J, are not friends. Good to know. SMH, indeed.