Ashlee & Pete To Be Parents?

Ashlee & Pete To Be Parents?

It looks like the news is true, as hard as that is to believe.

OK, People is usually pretty cautious about this whole libel thing, so we consider them a pretty good source (despite being owned TimeWarner, who also owns TMZ). They claim to have info that Ashlee Simpson has a baby growing inside of her belly and is planning on getting married to Pete Wentz in May. Is it possible? Are Emo Guyliner and Lil-Sis LipSync making a family? Would you ever have thought that Ashlee would have beaten Jess to starting a kids-and-all family?

The dudes from Fallout Boy have supposedly made their peace with Ashlee. And the baby, if there is one, will force Papa Joe Simpson to make his peace with Pete Wentz. The wedding is well before training for football starts, so Tony Romo is cool. This is pretty much wraps this thing into a nice, neat package. We wonder if this started as a put-on by Wentz and grew into something serious. His band’s name derives from a minor character on The Simpsons (Fallout Boy is the sidekick of Radioactive Man). Did one of his buddies say, “If you love The Simpsons so much, why don’t you marry one?” And Pete responds, "Maybe I will. Maybe, I will." Like that time that Nic Cage married Lisa Marie Presley because he liked Elvis so much. (Editor's Note: The band says their name has nothing to do with The Simpsons. Yeah, we don't believe them either.)

Side Note: Do you think Papa Joe is trying to convince Tony and Jess to have a baby first or get hitched through some stroke of Taming Of The Shrew genius?
Side Note 2: We're still convinced that 'The Joke's On You, Media' Ashton Kutcher is involved.

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