The YouTube Divorce Rant

The YouTube Divorce Rant

A new high (or low) has been reached in the world divorce.

Anyone see this lady excoriate her soon-to-be ex-husband on YouTube? She’s a washed-up Broadway actress. He’s a Broadway executive, and, according to her, quite a yutz. She calls out family members and airs copious amounts of dirty laundry. She then gets her husband’s assistant on the horn and tells her a thing or 3 about her boss. The whole clip plays like a missing scene from Bette Midler's divorcesplotation comedy, The First Wives Club.

Evidently, the Broadway couple signed a pre-nup, so this has to be more about catharsis than the settlement (though sleeping with his best friend may have been more cathartic). According to Fox News, her attorney, Raoul Felder, it was "funny, but there's also sadness. This is a victim who is holding her head up. I think she comes off well." Good effort, covering your ass, Felder. Felder also intimates that this may become a trend for the "junior partner" (our words, not his) when a marriage reaches divorce. And the whole nature of relationships keeps on evolving.

This global village is turning out to be a massive pain in the ass. You have to worry about camera phones, updating your Facebook status, and now long-winded YouTube tirades. At least that one crazy YouTube breakup with the crowd and band was a farce. That kind of humiliation can prod someone to develop psychic powers and kill everyone at the prom*. So, easy answer: be on your best behavior at all times, always be nice to everyone, and trust no one. Any chance that Ashton Kutcher could be involved with this? Oh, we just got it, love is a battlefield. And f*ck you too, Sarah Marshall!

*Note: This was the plot of the film Carrie.