More Tales Of Powerful Men And Hookers

More Tales Of Powerful Men And Hookers

Yep, another powerful dude was embarrassed by hookers and a sex tape.

We’re not sure if you heard about this one, but you know how fast cars go with hot women (and vice versa)? It appears that fast cars and kinky dudes are buddies too. The head of the FIA, the body that governs Formula One racing, was part of a crazy YouTube video. Max Mosley and 5 hookers cum actresses (buh dum pah), played out a fun little sex fantasy replete with kink. That kink includes S&M, Nazi costumes, and German accents. Basically, Mosley takes a good paddling, then turns the tables on his sexy abusers and hands out the whoopings. After everyone’s good and worn out they stop for tea. How much more English can you get than a little S&M followed by tea, old boy?

The LA Times provides an incredible historic perspective on these types of fantasies in general and Mosley’s proclivities specifically. It sucks for Spitzer that this licentious romp didn’t make headlines sooner. His dalliances are quite pedestrian in comparison.

Along with the Marilyn Monroe sex tape, this is just another example of how the sex tape is not the exclusive province of modern Hollywood starlets. Note to everyone: most sex tapes become public. And there are direct correlations between both the number of people that know about it, how weird it is and it’s likelihood of becoming public. So, it might be exhilarating, but be careful with that footage.

In other hooker-related news, according to Reuters, Indonesian "massage experts" are being required to lock their pants on. Shockingly, these masseuses are suspected of engaging in illicit extra-curriculars with their clientelle. Hmm. We’re sure that this story will have a silver-lining, errr a hand job, dammit there’s an obvious joke here somewhere.