Nerd Proposes Through Video Game

Nerd Proposes Through Video Game

A dude reprogrammed a game to ask his girlf for her hand in marriage.

If you’re a fan of this column, and we think you are, you’ll probably remember that we like whacky proposals. Really, the whackier the better. And we like to use the Jumbotron proposal as the stalking horse. So, we were thrilled when we ran into this article about a nerd programmed a video game to do the proposing for him. Nice! This is more private than using a supermarket’s PA. It's way less retarded that putting an engagement ring in a helium-filled balloon. It’s way cheaper than hiring a proposal planner. And not as dangerous/ time-consuming as a hot air balloon over a field of cut wheat. On the whole, we give it an A. It was creative, it incorporated her likes, and was a total surprise.

According to The Star Ledger, a man from Jersey City spent a month reprogramming his girlf’s favorite game, Bejeweled, to do the proposing for him. When she reached a certain score plateau, it would produce a virtual ring, because what nerd wants a girl that can’t be the high score in Bejeweled. Quickly, if you’re not familiar with Bejeweled, it’s a little like a cross between Connect 4 and Tetris. So, when Tammy Li got to the score that Mr. Bernie Peng thought would be acceptable for the future mother of her children, she was presented with a digital pink sapphire. She now sports its real-world twin.

The game company was so impressed that they decided to give copies of the game to his guests and provide $1,000 for decorations. We would have to say that this and Boise State’s Ian Johnson’s post-Fiesta Bowl proposal are our two favorites. Maybe one of these days some enterprising mega-nerd will figure out a way to use a traditional boy's game like Grand Theft Auto or Halo to propose, until then Bernie is king of the sex-having video game nerds.