All That Jazz

All That Jazz

Romance evolves - and so does the music that sparks it.

We at Tango don't believe in the extinction of romance. Sure, paternity tests have replaced trust. High class hookers are running rampant, and courting has gone from friend set-ups to STD niche-dating sites, but change is inevitable. Alas, one thing that remains constant is the music.

When the lights are turned low and sparks fly at every slight touch, it's time to turn on something to take the vibe from seventh grade flirtation to Rated R in seconds. The standard for this hardly ever changed - Marvin Gaye, Al Green, Anita Baker all have the lyrics to turn a flicker to a flame. And when all you crave is sensual intrumentals of Jazz or Blues, Miles Davis never dissapoints.

At the risk of betraying the classics, I've discovered a few new Jazz artists who echo the sentiment of the greats, yet put their own evolutionary twist on a romantic catalyst that will never be replaced. My current faves? Sachal Vasandani's got a voice to melt into into; and try Miguel Zenon to add some heat to a quiet night in.

See? Change doesn't always have to be unpleasant. Let a few new tunes unchain your melody.


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