Hot, Heavy, and Holy

Hot, Heavy, and Holy

New, young Christians would totally hit that.

Intimacy Ignited. Satisfy My Thirsty Soul. No, these aren’t the latest adult DVD releases. They are a handful of the new trend in sex advice books for Christians. According to ABC News, a wave of younger, more progressive Christians are looking to shed the guilt once associated with sex.

The piece explains further, quoting
“We discovered that God’s word is holy and hot…filled with invaluable wisdom for our sexual relationship.”

Uh, we must have been reading a different version of the Bible. Where can we get our hands on this one?

P.S. Check out, a sex and intimacy site for married Christians. We particularly like the "How to Strip" and "What to Do with a Vibrator" sections. We have to give the husband-and-wife pastoral team of Paul and Lori Byerly major props for being open, honest, and explicit in their conversations on sex. (Yes, they are, in fact, pastors.)


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