Video: VD For Everybody

Video: VD For Everybody

This old school PSA lets you know that you can get VD and it might be fun.

Fun times. Our homeys over at The Frisky dug up this old school PSA about venereal disease. Evidently, it’s not just for boys or girls but VD is also for you and me. It has pretty fun operetta-style singing and leads us to believe that VD might actually be kind of fun. Is it effective? Well, we now know that it's STD Awareness Month and that we could get VD, so PSA accomplished. We’ll be sure to check in with a clinic or pharmacy to see if they have a pamphlet first. Believe it or not, this video is so upbeat and down low about its topic that it probably is more or less SFW. Weird. And after you've watched that, check out one of our videos on the top STDs in America.


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