Lad Mag Offers Free Divorce

Lad Mag Offers Free Divorce

The magazine will pay for the divorce and help get a lucky guy a fresh start.

According to an Australian magazine called Zoo Weekly is offering a lucky reader an all-expenses paid divorce. Not only will Zoo cover the legal fees, they’ll help the winner find someone new and ideally a better match than the ex. The winning reader will have to write the most deserving essay tentatively titled, “Why I deserve a free divorce.” Their editor, Paul Merrill, sees this as a way to help eliminate the excuses for not ending a bad marriage, namely cost and loneliness. We’re pretty sure that the lad mag will only allow winners who actually live in Australia. We guess that any legal help in Australia would be appreciated, we hear that they have some real kangaroo courts there, buh dum pah!

You may remember these jokers as the ones that had a summer breast implants contest. Women were encouraged to send in cleavage shots and the most deserving pair would get an upgrade.

We wonder if there is going to be anywhere near the level of backlash for the divorce contest as there was the boobies contest. Good times and way to stay classy. At least they didn’t vote Sarah Jessica Parker the un-sexiest woman alive. That could have had real repercussions.