Wife Carrying Big With Aussies

Wife Carrying Big With Aussies

It's not the sport of kings, but it looks like a good time nonetheless.

You better run, you better take cover. Australians are a rugged, macho people. It’s claimed that they are descendants of British criminals, which would account for the accent and their love of Great Expectations.

The continent-nation really enjoys a sport called wife-carrying. This Paleolithic Era hold-over is exactly what it sounds like and is very competitive. The event combines raw physical power with teamwork and a sense of humor. And the rules recommends that you carry your own wife (though it is not mandatory).

This year’s national championship took place over the weekend and Anthony Partridge and Giaan Rooney took the gold. The challenge is a 253.5-meter obstacle course. The carried woman must be a minimum of 49 kilos (or about 110 lbs) and 17 years of age. The fastest time wins and teams are penalized 15 seconds for each dropped wife.

Partridge and Rooney won the thing with a time of one minute and one point 15 seconds. Partridge won the Aussie Championship last year with a different 'wife,' Angela Moore and placed fifth at the world championships in Finland. Australia will be represented by Jason Doyle and Lyneece Garland at this year’s championship, they were Australia’s runner up.

There are three generally acceptable methods for carrying: Piggyback, Fireman Carry, and ‘Estonian’ Style. Piggyback is self-explanatory. Fireman Carry involves carrying the wife folded over one shoulder. And ‘Estonian’ Style involves the wife riding on his back upside-down with her legs around his head and her arms around his waist (a helmet is required). Those Estonians are a kinky bunch. The Finns and the Estonians are considered to be the class of the Wife-Carrying game.

For some couples this would be a great way to bond over sport for other couples it would be a great way to get someone killed; "Maybe if you were a real man, like Tony Tucker we could have won this thing." "Maybe if you were as skinny as Tina Tucker we could have won this thing." "I hate you." "I hate you more." Read more from News.co.au...