S&M Dude Claims Religious Freedom

S&M Dude Claims Religious Freedom
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A Canadian man feels his religion & sexuality are being discriminated.

A Canadian chap claims that he's being discriminated against by their version of the DMV. His rationale is that he's a pagan and practices Sadism & Masochism. He thinks that his religion, sexuality, or both are being suppressed. He may have a point, a Human Rights Tribunal will decide. A man from Vancouver (it’s a city in Western Canada) has protested his inability to get a chauffeur's license as an invasion of his religious freedom. A previous court rejected his petition to get the license on account of his practice of BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Dominance & Submission, Sadism & Masochism which should probably be BDDSSM, but who gives a doodle?). The gentleman, Mr. Peter Hayes, is arguing to the Human Rights Tribunal that he is a pagan and kinky sex is part of his religion. Further, Hayes states that laws that extend to homosexuals should protect his proclivities. Reuters reports that the court of appeal needs a better understanding of what BDSM encompasses before they can make a recommendation to the Human Rights Tribunal. We imagine a lot of really weird porn in their future, the kind of creepy stuff that you can’t send through the mail. This could be a real can of worms that these tribunalists open. BDSM is probably harmless enough, some guys like to have high heels driven into their crotches. But could this be a gateway practice? Where does it end? In German Scheisse (shiza) videos? In snuff films? Is this the end of decent Canadian society as we know it? Even if it is, this guy is still not the Worst Person In Canada.