Man Jailed For HIV Transmission

Man Jailed For HIV Transmission

Canadian man gets a half century in jail for intentional HIV transfers.

Well, we can beat Keith Olbermann to this one, Carl Leone is the worst person in Canada. This Windsor man has been has been sentenced to 49 years in prison for “spreading the virus that causes AIDS.” Yeah, this asshat was given 5 years for each victim infected and 2 to 3 years for each one that ducked the infection. According to the Vancouver Sun, part of the holdup was whether or not to include this f*cktard on a list of registered sex offenders. They decided against it because at 32 with HIV this dude will probably never see the outside of a jail. Good enough, but isn’t willfully giving someone AIDS a worse crime than flashing a playground or setting up cameras in a tanning booth?

Granted we’ve come a long way with antiretrovirals but a severely compromised immune system is a pretty tough lifelong cross to bear. Having sex with people while infected with an STD is pretty awful. Sometimes a guy gives a chick the Herp and she puts up his photo all over Brooklyn. And sometimes a lady from the Midwest gives a guy HIV and gets probation for it. It’s probably a little embarrassing telling someone that you’re about to bone that that you got junk funk, but they have a right to know, especially if it’s not something that Penicillin can clear up. It’s a jungle out there, use protection and good sense.

With all of the prison sex going on (and if HBO's Oz is any indication, it’s fairly ubiquitous), both pitchers and catchers in jail need to be careful. Maybe the liberal Canadian government will start passing out pro-phos to prisoners so that they don’t get the whole penal system lousy with AIDS. And then spread that penitentiary-borne plague to the rest of the Canadian people. If that happened, the one guy that’s not lying about having a Canadian girlfriend could spread that stuff to the rest of us.