Cheeky Attorney Gives Away Ring Coffins

Cheeky Attorney Gives Away Ring Coffins

A Georgia lawyer seeks to add entertainment to your annulment.

An Atlanta-area divorce attorney likes to give her clients cute gifts. After their divorce closes, she likes to hit them with wedding ring coffins. Not a lot you can do with a wedding ring outside of selling it, so feel free just to put that ring and marriage into a final resting place.

She must be a joy to do business with. Who said that divorce attorneys don’t have a sense of humor? With all the miserable, broken people coming in and out of their lives every day, it would be easy to put on a scowl and get into the same funk as your clients. But a young lady from Atlanta, an innovator, really, took a page out of the John Beckwith and Jeremy Grey playbook and decided to inject a little humor into the proceedings.

So Melody Richardson (yeah how could you possibly be dour with a name like that?) has stockpiled wedding ring coffins and gives them to her clients. Let's applaud her effort to make divorce fun. We mentioned these coffins a while back as a fun way to get over a divorce and dispose of a wedding/engagement ring. Though selling it would be more lucrative and practical, it’s not as cathartic or hilarious.

Richardson may want to consider rolling more marital services into her operation. In addition to divorce proceedings and funny bone tickling chotchkes, she may want to consider adding spring break-style trip planning. It’s probably easier to get over a divorce when taking body shots and making out on the dance floor in Cancun than moping around your suburban Atlanta home that’s steadily losing value.

Check out more divorce celebration ideas at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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