Mary Louise Parker Back On The Market

Mary Louise Parker Back On The Market

The star of Weeds has broken it off with her fiance.

The star of Weeds, and all-around doll, Mary Louise Parker is back to single. MLP and fiancé Jeffrey Dean Morgan are going their separate ways (we picture Jeffrey Dean Morgan singing Journey in a basement somewhere nursing a fifth of Jack, “If he ever hurts you? True love won't desert you? You know I still love you? Though we touched and went our separate ways”). According to iVillage, this is not the first time that these two have split… so it could just be a power play by someone, like when Jessica Alba and Cash Warren break up. Or she could be sick of him saying, "Aw jeez Louise," all the time. Wait, that's why she would break up with us.

Morgan plays Judah Botwin on Weeds (the dead husband of Parker’s Nancy Botwin). As a killed-off character, you would think that he’d get a whole lot of airtime 'cause you know how some of these serials like dream sequences, flashbacks, and lucid visions. The point is, if he’s going to be on the set they need to work things out. We will not have the most important show ever about a suburban, widowed lady pot seller derailed by a little domestic squabbling. This just proves that Richard Dean Anderson (MacGyver) is the best celebrity with the middle name Dean. He'd figure out a brilliant solution to this or any other problem. Although Jeffrey Dean Morgan does have the sweet mustache.

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