Jay-Z, Beyonce, & The Post-Wedding Slump

Jay-Z, Beyonce, & The Post-Wedding Slump

The hip-hop 1st couple may have more than privacy in mind with their secrecy.

OK. Now we see why Beyonce and Jay-Z (Jiggaman) are so tightlipped about their relationship/ wedding etc. And it might not have anything to do with privacy. According to the Washington Post (that’s WaPo to you, newsy), several musical marriages have seen a decline in their album revenues after getting married. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony lost bucks as did Nas and Kelis. Sometimes, musicians get complacent and sometimes, fans don’t want to see their love lives carried into their work. Evidently, duets aren't as popular for married couples.

And American fans like tension, it appears. Cheers lost a little bit of luster once Sam and Diane got together. Dawson’s Creek totally fell off the cliff after Pacey and Joey realized they were meant to be. It remains to be seen if Jim and Pam’s lack of intrigue will doom The Office. Maybe we just like the chase and don’t like getting our faces rubbed in happily ever after.

WaPo did say that the exception to the rule was Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s relationship. After they married, their sales actually improved. Then some lady grabbed McGraw’s junk at one of Hill’s concerts. She stopped the show and lectured the broad about touching other women’s property. It was sort of like when Phil Collins sang “In The Air Tonight” and called that guy out for letting that other guy drown. We’re pretty sure that if some hood rat latched onto Jay-Z’s honker that Beyonce would kick that trick’s head off.