Prince Harry To Marry?

Prince Harry To Marry?

Rumor has it that the #3 heir has asked his girlf's parents for permission.

According to rumor, Prince Harry has asked Charles and Beverly Davy for their daughter’s (Chelsy Davy) hand in marriage. This would be a big move for the man who is third in line to the British throne. It would probably mean that we would see a lot less of him in the tabloids and probably nix any chance of him returning to duty in Afghanistan. This will probably ultimately be safer for him, snorting vodka in a London club and exchanging mortar fire with the Taliban are incredibly perilous activities (though clearly on different scales). We wonder what the change of heart was? These 2 split back in November (allegedly over a text that he received).

According to the pop culture site MonstersAndCritics, the Davy’s are fond of Harry but a little nervous about his ability to follow through with things. We wonder if he’s trying to produce an heir before William or if he’s just growing up. Both instances would be a shame. We prefer our royalty to be freewheeling with no political ambitions. And being a good-looking Ginger doesn’t hurt either. One thing we will not abide, is a double wedding with Harry and Chelsy and Prince William and Kate Middleton. It’s really in bad taste.

MonstersAndCritics mentioned that Harry has taken to calling Chelsy ‘wifey’ and they assumed that it means a proposal is imminent. But where we’re from it just means serious girlfriend and is sometimes used in a derogatory manner like princess. Which, if she keeps this up, she will one day also be. Note: Chelsy is a blond from Zimbabwe, we thought it was strange, but her story seems to check out.