Tony Parker Didn't Cheat On Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria with husband Tony Parker

Whew. It looks like Tony Parker has been faithful for the first 6 months.

The celeb site X17Online has issued an apology to Tony Parker. They alleged back in December that the NBA star had a series of encounters with model Alexandra Paressant. Tony Parker and Eva Longoria did not take these accusations lightly. They sued X17 for $40 million, they must have had their feelings seriously hurt.

But now X17 is apologizing. They’re owning up to not doing their research and/or trusting a liar. Evidently, Alexandra Paressant was not at Tony and Eva’s wedding as a guest of French soccer star Thierry Henry (we looked twice, his name’s not backwards and a big thanks to MATT for a correction on the spelling). And her story breaks down from there. As far as we can tell, there are 3 possibilities here: 1) Paressant is a liar. 2) She and TP did hook up but did not meet at his wedding. 3) A man that looks like Theirry Henry took Paressant to a wedding that was similar to Tony Parker’s and she later became involved with the Parker doppleganger. For our money, the first case sounds the likeliest. We wonder if this is going to affect the outcome of a lawsuit against Paressant by soccer stud Ronaldinho, she's basically lost her credibility as a witness. Or the world is out to get her, we’re not sure which. We're just glad that the Parkers are able to save the drama for Wisteria Lane.

Check out X17’s apology on Access Hollywood...