Rumor Mill: Jay-Z & Beyonce Married?

Rumor Mill: Jay-Z & Beyonce Married?

Did they? Didn't they? Let's examine the facts.

OK. We’re reasonably sure that Beyonce and Jay-Z married each other on Friday. The timing was too perfect. Then our friend’s mom explained to us the significance of ‘4’. Quickly, the wedding was to have taken place on 4/4/08. Both were born on the fourth day of a month, which accounts for the first 2 ‘4’s. The ‘8’ is attained by adding the ‘4’s together. And they each have a Roman numeral ‘4’ tatted on their ring fingers. This explanation reminds us of the MTV special on the Wu Tang Clan back in the 90’s (you get to 36 Chambers by multiplying the 9 members of the Clan by 4 chambers of the heart.)

According to, the wedding’s location was in Midtown Manhattan and there was an event afterwards at Jay-Z’s Tribeca apartment.

So, we’ve got the wedding license, the ‘Rule of 4,’ the star-studded party, and congratulatory shout-out by Mary J. Blige for ‘yes, it happened’ evidence. The evidence against is thin, it’s mostly circumstantial. No one has admitted that there was a wedding, there are no rings, no photos of Beyonce Knowles in a wedding dress, no pictures of Shawn Carter (Jay-Z) in a tuxedo, and he went to a concert (performing) in North Carolina the next day (AKA no honeymoon). We’re guessing that People (or someone) bought the photo rights. We may be talking ourselves into it, but we’re pretty confident that these guys got married. All of the little bumps are just a matter of Jay-Z’s (and now Beyonce’s) privacy concerns, celebrity economics, and honoring commitments. Seriously, Jay-Z and Beyonce can take a honeymoon at any time; this just throws the media off the trail for a minute. We’ll have to give Ashton Kutcher propers if the whole thing turns out to be a hoax.