2 Men Share Heart , Wife, & Fate

2 Men Share Heart , Wife, & Fate

An organ recipient shares the same self-inflicted fate as his donor.

In a story that would make the basis of a bizarre horror film, the police are ruling out foul play. A woman called Cheryl Cottle has lost a second husband the same way she lost her first. Her husband Sonny Graham took his own life like Cottle’s first husband Terry Cottle. Strange occurrence, right? It gets stranger, Graham met the Widow Cottle after receiving Terry Cottle’s heart via transplant. Graham began writing to Cheryl Cottle while he was recovering. After a couple months of correspondence, the 2 met and presumably hit it off.

Eventually, Graham purchased a home for Cottle and her 4 kids in Vidalia, GA (home of the famous sweet Vidalia onion). They then married 3 years later. Of their relationship Graham said, “"I felt like I had known her for years. I couldn't keep my eyes off her. I just stared." This brings up a lot of interesting philosophical questions about the nature of everything about the body-mind connection. We're not sure if Mr. Graham was an organ donor, but it's probably a good idea to get rid of that heart.

This is exactly what would have happened if Eli Roth (Hostel) had directed Return To Me instead of Bonnie Hunt.

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