Farmer Cuts Everything In 2 For Ex-Wife

Farmer Cuts Everything In 2 For Ex-Wife

And some people take things too literally.

We were always under the impression that the wisdom of Solomon was all about metaphor but a Serbian farmer has taken it literally. In order to fairly split assets in his divorce, a man named Branko Zivkov decided to cut all of his farming gear in half with a grinder (except for the grinder, of course). A court ordered that he share his property evenly with his ex-wife Vukadinka, and he took them at their word. The couple was married for 45 years and we’re guessing that she just wanted to see ‘what’s out there.’ Bitter divorce, much?

This is not the first time that a disgruntled divorcee has literally divided all of his assets in half. A German man cut his house in half with a chainsaw in order to stick to the letter of the law. And we’re all for people using irony to punish their exes (like the ex-wife of a vegetarian marrying a cattle magnate), but we’re pretty sure that the law in Serbia is sophisticated enough to insist that bisected property is not going to cut it. We imagine that there will be a check written in this guy’s future. It could have been worse, Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner ended up dead in The War Of The Roses because they tried to both inhabit their house (which would have been a better ending for Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston in The Break-Up). This could become the basis of a song by Serbian turbo-folk star Dragana Mirkovi?.

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