Video: Perez Make Out With John Mayer?

Video: Perez Make Out With John Mayer?

Did they? Didn't they? Check out the video.

We wanted to stay out of this one, but a video is too good to pass up. OK, Perez Hilton (nee Mario Lavandeira) has been talking a big game for the last day or so about making out with a heretofore hetero star named John Mayer. He went on the Seacrest radio show (where things only seem to get muddier) and talked about it. Of course, John Mayer denied the whole thing, por supuesto. And mentioned that PH was just a fringe hater looking to become a celeb (you knocked that one out fo the park, John Mayer). Evidently, thems fightin’ words. Mario Lavandeira took a lie detector test with the dude from Fox’s Moment Of Truth and Us Weekly was there to tape it. Enjoy the Us Weekly's Video. And also, for the record, that club Stereo is off the hook. That was the locale of the Rihanna-Josh Hartnett business. Or this could just be a bit of hubbub from folks looking for a bit of press with no regard for the truth. If true, it would go a long way to determining which wine they each drink. So, next time that you are fixin' to make out with a gossipmonger, rethink it.