A Beyonce & Jay-Z Wedding?

A Beyonce & Jay-Z Wedding?

Lots of evidence point to an April 4 wedding.

Oh boy. It looks like everybody’s in NYC this week for some big celebration at Jay-Z’s club. And there is rumor of an event in which the participants are only to wear white. And Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, P-Diddy, and Jermaine Dupri are all in town. And this marriage license thing. And Bossip is reporting that there was some sort of bachelor party-like event in Toronto last night. Yep, you put all of this together and it sounds like Jay and Beyonce are celebrating something, like the signing of the biggest contract in the history of the record industry. Jay-Z is getting a massive deal with LiveNation for albums, concerts, and his entertainment company for $150 million. That sounds like reason to have a party. Everyone’s gonna to be drinking Donaghy Estates tonight, to be certain. So would they really want to co-mingle his greatest career success with their wedding? Sure, regular people like to plan weddings when other events happen to save on travel costs. But we don’t see Jay-Z saying, “Baby, if we don’t do it April 4, then we'll have to wait until Labor Day to get everyone back together. And Nas is out of town this weekend.”

But eFluxmedia is reporting a rumor that Beyonce’s dad Matthew is shopping photo rights for something right now. It’s conceivable that he’s shopping rights for a later wedding or that the rumor is false. But, the marriage license purchase plus the celebs in town plus the party make us think that this could be the real deal. It’s too bad that Crystal pissed off the hip-hop community, this could have been a weekend for the records. Instead everyone will have to settle for a smorgasbord of Dom P, Veuve Clicquot, Moet, and St. Ides.