Britney Pays Legal Fees For K-Fed

Britney Pays Legal Fees For K-Fed

K-Fed can drop his $ on whatever and Britney will keep paying the lawyers.

Hachi-machi. We know that this is ooooold news, but we’re still SMH-ing (Shake My Head) about this. Not only has Kevin Federline (father of the year) managed to legally thump Britney (Brit-Brit as it were) at every turn, he’s gotten her to pay for it all. Then some of his personal expenditures came to light. He dropped like $50K in an 8-month period on lodging and entertainment in Vegas. So Brit-Brit’s legal team wants to know why they have to continue paying his legal fees. And their answer is essentially that Britney Spears is crazy, can afford it, and needs to be taken down a peg or two. Fair enough, but did they see her on How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM)? That’s what we thought. It’s comeback time and all you haters can suck it.

Also, K-Fed denies any and all rumors of a reconciliation between the two including a vacation to Hawaii. That’s well and good and he can drop a $2,000 tip at scores all he wants but none of it excuses his Misfits-esque devil-lock. That is not a good look for anyone but Glenn Danzig.