Malaysian Woman Sues For Loss Of V-Card

Malaysian Woman Sues For Loss Of V-Card

She claims that the marriage was crummy and demands satisfaction.

A woman from Malaysia has had enough.

She got married after dating a guy for a short while and his family was mean to her. Now she wants some money for her loss of virginity and having to suffer through the whole ordeal.

According to the Daily Telegraph, a Malaysian woman is suing her husband for deflowering her and then having a crummy marriage. It turns out that the two began dating and had their marriage registered but without the standard marriage ceremony.

Eventually, the groom’s parents found out and wanted him to drop the whole shmeil. There was something about her that they just didn’t like.

She wants about $1 million and an annulment and probably an apology and possibly a new and better husband. We’re guessing that they got into this whole marriage because they wanted some tail. And in some conservative societies, the only way to get into her baju kurung is through marriage. Even the stalwart Iranians realize this and can turn offer up a temporary marriage for a couple of crazy kids that just want to f*ck.

The good news for the guy is that he’s not getting divorced by 2 women that want their virginity back.

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