Kate Hudson: Best Ex-Wife Ever

Kate Hudson: Best Ex-Wife Ever

Hudson's all about hanging out and helping out ex Chris Robinson.

The UK site, DigitalSpy, is reporting that Kate Hudson is roughly the best ex-wife ever. A) She spends plenty of time with ex-husband Chris Robinson (of the Black Crows, which we’re obligated to mention) and their son Ryder. B) She helps Chris Robinson pick up chicks. Yeah, they go out to bars and she points out gals for him to chat-up. I think you could do prett-y well for yourself with Kate Hudson as your wing-gal.

We suppose that all ex-wives are exes for a reason. And it looks like she’s had some amount of fun playing the field (Owen Wilson and Dax Sheppard, to name a pair). Maybe it’s a guilt thing that she can move on so easily and figures if her ex-husband is swimmin’ in women that she can do whatever she pleases and not be ‘the bad guy.’

Vanessa Williams ain’t too bad either. She doesn’t help Rick Fox pick up women, as if he’d need any help. Seriously, Marcellus Wallace would NOT have left Rick Fox in charge of Mia Wallace when he went out of town in Pulp Fiction. So, Vanessa Williams helps Rick Fox out with career stuff instead. After leaving the NBA, Fox has decided to pursue acting full time and has done a pretty good job of it. While he was still playing ball, he appeared in a handful of basketball-related roles but has broken out into some mainstream roles with Williams' help, according to InTouch. And actually appeared in Williams’ show Ugly Betty.

So, exes sometimes are good for something, if you’re famous.