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Facebook Group: I Need Sex

facebook group

Ah, Facebook, one of the most popular social networking tools on the web. Complete with the stalker's mini-feed to tell what your friends are up to and scores of boredom-battling applications, but 23-year old Laura Michaels sure found a new way to use it.

Ten minutes after she created "I Need Sex," the group already had 35 members and proceeded to gain the membership of a rough total of 100 men. Maneater Michaels ate up half the group by sleeping with 50 of the guys with the defense that "I was satisfying my own desires."

Although Facebook gave the group the boot, it's likely to make an interesting point of discussion for chastity clubs that preach abstinence. The co-president of Harvard's own believes sexual virginity is "not rooted in an image of innocence and purity, but rather in the notion of strength."

So, you decide: What better demonstrates the strength of a woman? The freedom of promiscuity? Or the ability to refrain? Let us know!

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