Mills Plans To Ruin Sir Paul’s New Gig

Mills Plans To Ruin Sir Paul’s New Gig

Heather Mills plans on 'warning' any woman of the dangers of Beatle dating.

Last time that we saw Heather Mills, she was celebrating a hard fought victory against Paul McCartney by splashing people with water. And we were under the impression that that was the last we’d hear from her. But, it looks like Sir Paul’s found someone new (Nancy Shevell) and it is not sitting right with the former model. According to The Mirror "Heather's threatening to call and explain the dangers of dating a Beatle.” And that she feels that she’s actually doing Shevell a favor by warning her off of Macca.

This broad is not going away as everyone anticipated. She’s reportedly planning another legal battle to get the transcripts of their divorce made public with the idea that when some of the details come to light it will win her some public support. As much as the press (and people) love Paul McCartney, it would have to be pretty vile. Like if he ate human flesh and beat her with her prosthetic then people might start saying, 'You know what, I think I might prefer The Monkeys.' She apparently thinks that McCartney and Shevell are going to start a new family and leave Beatrice (daughter of Mills-McCartney) out in the cold. She should just cool out and revel in the fact that her name will never be said with the same vitriol as Yoko Ono’s. Unless that’s what she’s going for, then she should turn up the crazy.

Note: The Mirror uses the word ‘barmy’ it means crazy.