Body-Shaping Skivvies For...Guys?

Call them "manx" or, the male equivalent of Spanx. Those fashion-forward slimming undergarments that made it possible for the curvy among us to wear clingy jersey all last summer.

As men embrace the metrosexual movement (and, it must be noted, grow just as neurotic as us), companies are racing to keep pace with their increasing self-consciousness, and the latest innovation is muffin-top eradicating underwear for him.

Also quickly becoming known as the "mirdle"—or male girdle. Though the fashion thought police prefer that you refer to the category as "shapewear," "bodywear," or "support boxers." And the marketing is equally sneaky.

In Japan, as the Wall Street Journal recently reported, lingerie purveyor Wacoal started marketing a mirdle, but positioned the product as a health aid, saying the fabric and construction would help "the wearer's muscles work harder." (Right. And wearing control-tops is a great alternative to doing your Kegels.)

Meanwhile, Solidea USA positioned theirs as "compression shorts." Insert your punchline here. Or there. Anyway.

The only thing sadder than the fact that men appear to be outpacing us in the underwear-buying department—ladies, there are things Vicky's Secret can teach you—is that a few are actually considering letting this disturbing trend come between them and their Calvins.

Thankfully, the early adopters were self-described "TV personalities," aspiring actors, and other guys we'd never date.

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