Thailand Ball-Lopping Surgery Outlawed

Thailand Ball-Lopping Surgery Outlawed

The Thai government is trying to outlaw impromptu sex changes.

We’re not 100% sure how this ties into love and relationships but it is pretty weird… soooo. OK, there are essentially 3 genders in Thailand: male, female, and Katoey (sometimes Katoy). The katoey are also known as ladyboys and range from transvestites to transsexuals. Because of this (and a general penchant for penis severing) Thai doctors are the world’s best when it comes to gender-reassignment and genital overhauls. Because of this expertise, the whole M2F transition is heavily scripted and requires heavy physical and mental scrutiny. But according to Reuters a number of people want to skip the middleman and get right to the castration, which can be done for as little as $125 and in 20 minutes.

So, doctors or medical professionals or people with sharp knives and relatively steady hands will now face 6 months in jail if they perform this abbreviated de-junking. As always, dudes vacationing in Bangkok need to be extra careful that they’re getting what they’ve paid for. And ladies, a bachelor party is Bangkok is probably not something you should encourage. You may learn more than you want to about the Crying Game.

Enjoy the video..