Ivanka Trump Is Back On The Prowl

Ivanka Trump Is Back On The Prowl

The heiress is single and possibly ready to mingle.

Anyone who wanted to be on The Apprentice but was deemed ‘too good looking’ or ‘too rich,’ now has a second chance to get in good with The Donald.  His daughter, Ivanka, is newly single. According to the New York Post’s Page Six, Ivanka and boyf (the youthful real estate mogul and New York Observer owner) Jared Kushner have split up. Not sure what happened, it could be the legendary Trump jejunity or one of them could have asked the other to do something really gross.  At any rate, she’s single but there’s no word if she’s in Ivanka Boyfriend or Ivanka Play-The-Field mode, so guard your hearts, playboys.

Two quick caveats before making a full-tilt play for Ms. Trump:

1: The NYPost also reported that her mother, Ivana Trump, is getting in knockdown, drag-out fights with fiancée Rossano Rubicondi.  To the point that the fuzz had to cool everyone out. Old rule: if you want to know what a girl is going to be like in 25 years, have a gander at her mom… yiiiiikes.
2: The gang at The Superficial is pretty sure that looks and wealth aren’t going to be enough to win over Mademoiselle Trump. They theorize that it will take anatomy made of precious materials, like Faberge junk.  We suppose that there are plenty of other gorgeous American princesses out there, better luck next life.