Dita Von Teese Sex Tape

dita von teese sex tape

According the UK paper The Sun, there is a lesbian porn tape circulating involving Dita Von Teese. The tape involves sex toys and romping. We hate to be obtuse, but we always assumed that Von Teese was a porn star. Why else would she be famous? We know that she was married to Marilyn Manson, but should that make you famous? We’ve heard her referred to as a ‘modern day burlesque queen’ but we honestly have only a minimal idea of what that means. Does that mean she does sensuous, non-naked dancing at a place like the “Maison Derriere”? If so, how does that make you rich and/or famous? Sure, she’s got some cache as the Wonderbra model, but that came later.

Looking back, we had no idea what a large niche there was for olde time-y, glamour photos. And that Playboy was such a fan of the corset. Anyway, her sex tape is rumored to be pretty kinky. And we recently read that she was romantically linked to one of our faves, Peter Sarsgaard, back in the day. Well, we guess she is famous for good reason and probably could have done without the exposure from that tape. Live and learn, we say.