Zac And Vanessa Get Married: Just Kidding!

vanessa hudgens and zac efron

Where are the really good celebrity April Fools Day Pranks?

What’s up with the April Fools Day stuff this year? There have been zero decent hoaxes (which is an odd word). We saw that Trojan wants to make Johnny Depp their spokesman (to the tune of like $10 million), but that’s kinda believable (what about Depp hair gel, that would be a real no-brainer.). And then the lady’s general interest site/mean girls club, Jezebel, was reportedly sold to Conde Nast. And despite the news debuting on April 1st , it seems plausible, if unlikely (though one of their editors wrote a very negative post about the corporate overlord that is still up). The only ‘prank’ that we’ve seen so far is a promotion for in which they sent look-alikes to a semi-famous New York eatery.

What happened to Ashton Kutcher’s new show? We thought it was the media’s turn to have the spotlight on them. And what about the Last Movie Star? We figured that his bromance with Brad Pitt would result in something. Maybe a photo op where George is accidentally marrying Angelina Jolie and Pitt is marrying Sarah Larson. Hilarious, right? Then we read from Us Weekly that Clooney doesn’t regularly pull pranks at home. Thank God  the nerds at Google have a sense of humor. They debuted a new pre-dating feature on Gmail (which could come in handy but was sort of lifted from SNL's Jiff Express, who took the blame for late parcels). Work a little harder next year, non-nerds.

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