McConaughey On Going Out On Top (Or Not)

McConaughey On Going Out On Top (Or Not)

The Hollywood star wants to die immediately after having sex.

According to the New Zealander website Stuff, Matthew McConaughey wants to go out a winner, like his old man. Evidently, McConaughey’s dad died just after having intercourse. And Matty McC wants to follow in pop’s footsteps. We did an informal poll and, yep, 100% of guys want to go the same way.

We’re guessing that it’ll go down something like this:
Matty McC: Was that good for you?
Lady (ideally, Camilla Alves): Yes, baby.
Matty McC: Then it was good for me and I’d say darn good for society as a whole.
Lady: Are you okay?
Matty McC: I think I’m fixin to have a stroke. Yup, here I go. Alright, alright.

In all honesty, isn’t this a little selfish? Isn’t the lady that he just finished sexing up going to be a little freaked out? People would expect this from Bruce Willis, he’s been planning a stunt like this as the last chapter of the Die Hard series for years (Is this thing on?).