Black Swans, Paddleboats And Non-Monogamy

Black Swans, Paddleboats And Non-Monogamy

Sometimes the animal kingdom is a metaphor for human beings.

It looks like it just ain’t easy being married these days. When you have your Spitzers and Craigs and McGreeveys (et al.) you wonder if dudes are meant to be faithful at all. Scientists and sociologists and cheating men have theorized for years that males are just not meant for fidelity. They also argue that women just happen to be attracted to taken men and Bill Clinton just blames in on his natural charisma. So The Week discusses this topic and it shows that infidelity exists across the animal kingdom in males and females. Even the famously faithful swan is not immune to a wandering eye/genitalia. But, they argue, our moral compass should help us from roving. Good stuff.

Speaking of swans, do you remember the case of that black swan that became infatuated with the big, white, swan-shaped paddle-boat? Well Petra (the black swan) eventually got over her forbidden passion. She fell in like with a regular, white, biological swan… and it was good. According to ABCNews, this relationship didn’t last either (maybe a swan’s faithfulness is good just not perfect). When asked why he broke it off, the swan replied, “I needed space. She was too clingy.” Or whatever “Quack quack quack” means. And Petra became despondent. So, the good zoo keepers of Muenster Zoo (Germany) reunited Petra with the paddle-boat. Best quote from the article; “Zoo director Joerg Adler said it was too early to tell whether Petra will stay with the boat this time.” If it does work out, there’s hope for all of us.

By the way, The Week’s content is a paid subscription site, but it’s pretty worth it. It’s like a cross between Time and Newsweek but with slightly less personality.